We help students of age 5-17 pursuing excellence in the American Curriculum.

Parents all over the world choose American programmes, and while there’s no central American curriculum, every American international school shares the qualities of enquiry-based learning and a system focussed on the student. The American programme is a broad and balanced one supported by a range of co-curricular activities, providing a truly rounded foundation for the future. We provide support to help students feel secure and excel within the core academic elements of this system.

• Offered by American international schools all over the world

• Balanced, student-driven system

• Standardised tests globally benchmarked by American international


• Recognised by US and Canadian universities

Primary, secondary, and high school diploma

At Superior Minds, we tailor educational programmes for students with ambitions in all types of school system, including the USA. We help students at primary and secondary levels, and those working towards the American high school diploma – a certificate awarded on completing high school – with English, maths and science.

With Superior Minds support in mathematics, English, reading, writing and science reasoning, you can give your child the best possible chance of achieving their full potential and reaching their goal.