We offer tailored support for students following the British Curriculum.

Sometimes referred to as the National Curriculum for England, the programme is popular in international schools – it’s taught in 150 countries worldwide. Independent critical thinking and creativity are at the heart of the British system, which spans all the major arts, science and humanities subjects. We help students to develop their own voice and work their way confidently through this diverse curriculum.

• Global popularity in international schools

• Broad, balanced, student-centred system

• Regular national testing benchmarks

• Recognised by universities worldwide

KS1, KS2 & KS3

Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) are designed to help teachers, parents and students themselves understand how they are progressing. They’re taken at different stages as a child progresses through school, testing reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation, arithmetic and mathematical reasoning, and science. It’s important to remember that there’s no pass or fail in KS1, KS2 & Ks3 [SATs] – they simply reflect how well your child understands what they’re learning in school. We help to prepare your child to face these early assessments with confidence.


GCSEs are subject-specific examinations taken in secondary school. Students are awarded one GCSE for each pass grade achieved. We help students improve and excel in preparation for their GCSE exams, covering all the material they need. With all the right guidance, we’ll help your child enter with confidence, and come out with the great grades they deserve.

AS and A levels

AS and A levels are examinations usually taken in the last two years of secondary school, usually ages 16-18 (sometimes referred to jointly as the sixth form). Students usually take between three and five AS levels, and there is a wide range of subjects on offer to help students prepare for their chosen path in further education and later careers. It’s a big step up from GCSE to AS level, and throughout the sixth form, students are challenged to become more independent, inquiring, and self-directed learners through a mixture of coursework assessments and examinations.

It’s important for students to lay a strong foundation of promising AS level results, on which to build excellent A levels. Superior Minds is committed to helping students achieve their best, and give them a boost on the way to achieving academic and career goals.