reading corner

At Superior Minds, we strongly encourage the best habit a child can have: reading. Reading is hugely important as a child grows and develops, both intellectually and as an imaginative, creative individual. Books foster a natural, instinctive curiosity for knowledge and learning – a child who reads confidently can learn anything they want to.

Our dedicated Reading Corner is furnished with a large collection of books to challenge, engage and delight both children and teenagers. Reading not only entertains students and sparks their imaginations, it also develops vocabulary, increases general knowledge and broadens their understanding of different cultures.

Every book is a new world, waiting to be discovered. We constantly refresh our collection to make sure we provide a rich and varied resource. We pride ourselves on our selection of interesting reading material to suit all personalities: curated to help all of our students develop a love of reading.

computer lab

The better the variety of learning methods a student can access, the higher their chances of success, and enjoyment! In our dedicated computer lab, students enjoy studying with a range of electronic resources. We encourage fun, interactive education in every area, and our technical facilities are just one of many ways we’re able to bring learning to life.