At your initial Superior Minds consultation, we learn from you. It’s where you can tell us all about your child’s needs and ambitions, so we can understand how to tailor their learning and inspire them to achieve. We want you to feel completely reassured, and this consultation is a good time to tell us your thoughts and ask us questions – any questions you like!

We start by really getting to know your child. We identify their strengths as well as the areas where they need support. We then put together an individual plan, designed around your child’s needs and the way they learn, and talk it over with you to make sure you’re happy for us to start working together.

Now the real work can begin. Your child can look forward to fun, stimulating and challenging sessions, using state-of-the-art facilities at the Superior Minds centre. Our instructors look forward to welcoming you.

Your child will be assessed at regular intervals to help us understand their progress. We adapt the teaching programme according to the results, so we can provide the best possible educational support every step of the way.

This is where it all joins up. We set weekly homework for each subject your child studies with us. We see homework as a valuable opportunity to explore the subject and learn independently, deepen their knowledge, and to practice and reinforce everything they have learned here at the centre. It’s a chance for your child to show us what they can do. When it comes to receiving marks, our instructors give thorough, constructive feedback, setting targets for improvement and showing students how they can do even better next time.

The progress your child is making is continuously monitored and assessed by our teachers. The teaching programme can also be adjusted and adapted according to the results. This allows your child to receive the best possible educational support. We will also update you with regards to progress by providing you a progress report at intervals during their study programme.

We keep you in the loop. We know you’re keen to understand how your child is doing, and we want to share this with you. With regular face-to-face meetings, reports sent directly home and teacher liaisons, you’ll always have a clear picture of your child’s progress.