We build confidence from the ground up in mathematics, beginning with familiar areas and skills.

With each skill your child learns, they grow the toolkit they’ll need to conquer more advanced concepts in their exams. We increase the difficulty and introduce content gradually. This challenges students without undermining their confidence, always keeping their academic goals in sight.

Having mastered all the principles, success in mathematics is about preparation – and preparation means practice. Superior Minds students enter their maths exams feeling cool, calm and collected, knowing that they’ve done more than enough practice to pass with flying colours.

Primary Mathematics

Superior Minds uses the Kip McGrath system to prepare primary school children in Math. Kip McGrath has been helping students with Maths for over 40 years. Today Kip McGrath Education centers are an internationally trusted name in the field of supplementary education with over 500 centers in 20 countries.

Many parents are concerned about how their children are performing at school and whether their children are at the appropriate level for their age and class. We provide a FREE, no obligation assessment and will discuss the results with you in detail to determine exactly how your child is performing.

Maths lessons are 80 minutes long and students attend on average one lesson per week with qualified teachers who are using proven methods and techniques to help prepare your child for their Maths exams and bring out the best in them.

Secondary Mathematics

At Superior Minds, parents have a choice to enrol their child onto the Kip McGrath programme for secondary students where they will have access to an individual learning programme designed to accommodate the student’s specific needs and prepare them for their examinations. Parents also have the option of one to one or group sessions, working with specialist Maths teachers who will provide support and preparation for any upcoming exams or tests.