In an incredible time of advances in medicine, engineering and scientific research

we guide the next generation of great scientists as they discover how and why things work. The sciences offer students boundless knowledge and information, nurturing a better understanding of the world around us.

With the right inspiring instructors, students get excited, inspired and seriously interested in the sciences. These subjects fire curiosity and broaden minds. Students learn to ask questions and find evidence, based both on the knowledge they already have and the insight they wish to gain in the future.

With a balance of biology, chemistry and physics, we help students navigate the science behind our natural world. Our small learning groups and bespoke work plans provide each student with support targeted to their individual needs and learning style. Students with a strong grounding in science also gain excellent critical and analytical skills. Our science programme instils confidence, and our students develop into high performers with strong scientific minds.

Primary and Secondary Science

Superior Minds offers dedicated support in exam preparation for Biology, Chemistry and Physics at all levels and covers all curriculum.

Our specialist teachers allow students to overcome difficulties in grasping complex scientific concepts by supporting them and understanding their learning processes. We assess our students current level of achievement and identify any gaps in their learning processes. We work with students to simplify these processes and provide clear explanations to concepts in a way that students will easily grasp. Increasing a student’s confidence is key to academic success so we ensure that our students are able to see that they have the potential to do great things.

We cover all scientific topics of Biology, Chemistry and Physics including all science related skills such as scientific research and laboratory skills and practical skills. In our preparation sessions, we cover the essential aspects of knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science. We also help our students to understand the importance of developing scientific thinking, applying scientific enquiry, collecting, analysing and comparing data, experimental skills and strategies and how to analyse and evaluate data.

Our science sessions can be taken as one to one sessions or as part of a group. Group classes are taken in accordance to age, grade and current working level. Our exam preparation sessions allow us to support students in preparation for their exams based on their needs.