At Superior Minds we believe education changes lives and changes the
world. We’re passionate about education and truly committed to making a
difference to every single student we meet.

Seasonal Camps

Superior Minds Education Centre, Dubai offers academic based seasonal camps every year, guaranteed to keep your child stimulated during the holiday break.
We offer a variety of learning based activities designed to keep students active and stimulated.

All our camps activities are based on the fundamentals of subjects such as Maths, English and Science. We also offer creative workshops that take place during camp including arts and crafts, food based fun, mindfulness sessions and robotics to name a few. We ensure that our activities take a fun based approach to learning to allowing.

We offer a variety of activities styles including, group based activities, partnered and individual based activities. This variety allows students of all ages and abilities an opportunity to interact with other students in an environment where they would usually not. This allows students to build strength in communication skills and confidence in their ability to work with other students and in groups.

Each year our camps take a specific theme and the activities carried out encompass important aspects of the chose theme. Our activities are designed to ensure all students are able to participate and interact; therefore all of our camps are suitable for students who may have English as a second language.

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